Story behind Trisha and Varun Breakup!!

Trisha and Varun Manian who were deeply in love until few weeks ago are at loggerheads now. As per speculations they have called off their engagement and are not in talking terms at the moment.Varun Manian didn’t even wish Trisha on her birthday and she has un-followed him on Twitter the very next day, proving that they have called it quits.
     Why did Trisha and Varun breakup within a span of few days when they have given it a serious thought for years to enter the wedlock and got engaged?We have been hearing various speculationsabout this alleged breakup and one of that involves popular Tamil hero Dhanush, who is a very good friend of Trisha.It is believed that Varun and Dhanush had atiff in the past and hates each other. However Dhanush attended the party thrown by Trisha after her engagement. Hispresence at the party irked Varun Manian that he had a heated argument with Trisha in this regard. Varun asked her to stop talking to Dhanush and anybody that he doesn’t like.Being an independent woman, Trisha didn’tlike this domination and stopped talking to Varun, says the buzz. Trisha values her friends more than her family and always hangs around with them.Varun is very particular about who she hangs out with and used to whine all the time. Trisha felt that she cannot get along with such a person and called it quits say the gossip mongers.We have to wait until Varun or Trisha give clarification about the breakup before drawing any conclusions.

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